Unseen Stars

General Electric

Live Experiential

In September 2017, amidst the bustling pulse of Grand Central Station, a celestial spectacle unfolded. For three nights, the iconic ceiling transformed into a luminous canvas, honoring 12 “Unseen Stars” – pioneering women in STEM. Their portraits, woven into constellations, danced across the arched expanse, a testament to their groundbreaking achievements. This immersive feat wasn’t just a light show; it was a call to young women to reach for the constellations themselves.


Andrew’s groundbreaking contribution to this award-winning “Balance The Equation” campaign was the live capture and global broadcast of the Unseen Stars projection at Grand Central Station. A custom VR camera rig, specifically designed for low-light and ultra-high resolution, captured every luminous detail of the ceiling projection. Cutting-edge software, meticulously calibrated for the complex geometry of the ceiling, stitched the multiple camera feeds into a flawless 360° panorama in real-time. Additionally, a robust, fully wireless high-definition signal path – the first of its kind in VR – was necessary for sufficient data transmission requiring its own design, assembly, and stress-testing. Ultimately, Andrew’s vision and technical expertise integrally transformed a local event into a globally recognized, important and impactful message.


General Electric, BBDO


Director, DP, Technical Director


For the overall campaign:

  • D&AD IMPACT Awards 2018 – Wood Pencil
  • D&AD Awards 2018 – 2x Wood Pencils
  • Clios 2018 – Bronze, Shortlist
  • Cannes 2018 – Bronze, Glass Lion Shortlist, 3x Shortlists
  • One Show 2018 – Silver, Bronze, 4x Shortlists
  • Golden of Montreux 2018 – Gold
  • Effie 2018 – Bronze – “Social Responsibility”
  • ADDY Awards 2018 – Mosaic – “Cross Platform Integrated Campaign”
  • ADDY Awards 2018 – Gold –  “Cross Platform Integrated Campaign”
  • Epica Awards 2017 – Silver
  • Kinsale Shark 2017 – Bronze

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