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Your Creative and Technical Partner

Every brand, company, and product is an experience to be shared with customers and users. In a rapidly-evolving media and technology landscape, bringing that story to life in the digital world requires more than just artistry. It demands technical expertise, leadership, and meticulous attention to detail. With Andrew’s array of experience collaborating with a variety of partners in different capacities, he bridges the gap between vision and execution, and offers unique perspective and value.




Multi-award winning Director for immersive experiences focusing on commercial and narrative.

DP & Stills

Commercial Director of Photography for immersive and traditional 2D. Panoramic Stills and Time-Lapse Photographer.

Experiential Designer

VR, AR, 3D, Experiential, Interactive, Dome, and Spatial Video experience designer and immersive storyteller.


Technical Director

Guiding teams on the technical aspects of a media project, from pre-pro through post, live stream or VOD.

Custom Rigs

Design and manufacture of bespoke immersive video and volumetric capture solutions and equipment.

Creative Technologist

Pushing the boundaries of experience and storytelling while leveraging the most cutting-edge tech.



Building and directing teams from conception through implementation of media and tech projects.

Analysis & Strategy

Comprehensive analysis and strategic planning for companies, individuals, and VCs with an interest in media and tech.

Education & Training

Bringing individuals and teams to understand the latest forefront of media and tech.


Commercial Production

Full-service production for immersive and spatial media, as well as traditional 2D filmmaking.

Live Streaming

Full-service capture for Live Perfomances, Live Sports, Live Concerts, or Recorded Capture VOD. Immersive 360 or 180 VR capture and 2D traditional.


Full-service development through delivery of corporate media and tech campaigns both internal and external, including training.


Editorial & Color

Content editing and coloring for immersive, spatial video, 3D, VR 360 and 180, and traditional media.


Processing of natively captured immersive or spatial media video into usable, seamless 360, 180, or spatial video formats.

AI Processing

Upscaling and modernizing video media utilizing a variety of AI tools to elevate or recover footage.


AR & VR Apps

From concept through delivery utilizing a dedicated team of experienced immersive developers.

Spatial Computing

Develop apps for the new world of spatial computing. All ideas welcome.


Evaluating opportunity and technology roadmap for immersive and spatial apps.

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