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For Meta’s biggest VR project ever, Andrew, a seasoned immersive pro with over 35+ Meta/Facebook/Oculus projects under his belt, led the VR capture of a live-streamed Foo Fighters concert following the 2022 Super Bowl. The multi-million dollar project, unprecedented in size and scope, became a viral sensation, and turned out to be a double-edged sword. While technical glitches plagued the live stream, the culprit was pure excitement – demand for the VR experience skyrocketed to 400% above Meta’s prior peak, crashing their servers.


Ultimately, the Foo Fighters VR livestream stands tall as a landmark moment. It wasn’t just watching a concert; it was being there, sweat and all. You were Dave Grohl’s virtual bandmate, headbanging alongside him, feeling the thrum through your bones. This was VR transcending boundaries, redefining live entertainment.


While public opinions differ on the total success of the project, Andrew’s execution shines. It’s a testament to the surging mainstream appetite for high-quality VR experiences, and a hint that VR’s growth might be outpacing our most optimistic forecasts.


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