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Stålenhag's World

Immerse yourself in a world where sci-fi becomes reality with this virtual reality experience showcasing Amazon’s Tales From The Loop. Inspired by the futuristic paintings of Simon Stålenhag, this VR experience pushes the boundaries of the medium thanks to cutting-edge custom AI and camera technology.


Purpose-built AI “style-transfer” models were developed to seamlessly blend real scenes with Stålenhag’s artwork, creating a surreal blend of reality and science fiction. To achieve this cinematic quality, a custom camera solution was developed, the first of its kind for this kind of application. This level of detail lets you truly step into Stålenhag’s world, blurring the lines between imagination and experience.


Available on Oculus Quest & Go, this Tales From The Loop experience is a testament to the power of AI and VR to push the boundaries of storytelling, experience, and immersion. Grab your headset and dive into Tales From The Loop on Oculus Quest & Go – it’s a visual feast that redefines immersive surrealism.


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