Plus One

New Orleans & Company

beyond bourbon st

Join a virtual dinner party with chefs, artists, and musicians who share their stories and passions. Witness their lives through VR, from a chef’s kitchen to a drummer’s stage.


Discover the city’s rich history and diverse communities beyond Bourbon Street. Learn about the Black Indian Mardi Gras tradition or a day in the life of a Vietnamese shrimper.


This multi award-winning project lets you connect with the people who make New Orleans unique. New Orleans “Plus One” is more than a tourism video. It showcases the city’s resilience, innovation, and vibrant cultural tapestry.


New Orleans & Company, Dentsu 360i, Unit9 


DP, Technical Director


AdWeek’s “30 Best Ads of 2022”

2023 Gold Addy for Best of Show – “Mosaic”

2023 Silver Addy for Online Video and Sound


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