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Versus (VS) is an innovative digital education platform that harnesses the expertise of elite coaches and professional athletes to impart technical skills, emotional intelligence, and invaluable life lessons. Through a blend of cutting-edge conversational AI, conventional 2D video, and immersive volumetric capture technology, Versus offers an interactive learning experience unparalleled in its depth and breadth.


  • Oversaw all content and media production activities for customer-facing app and website.


  • Operated a budget of $17M to develop 270+ hours of edited content including 222 educational sessions, 18 full courses, 21 interactive AI conversations, 7k+ shorts, and 28k+ photography assets.


  • Established daily engagement and collaboration with founders, C-suite executives, and leaders across various departments, including marketing, operations, production, legal, and human resources.


  • Managed internal and external teams creating alignment for the content and media production vision, roadmaps, technology strategy, and budgets.

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